Some of the issues studied by participants in the Public Eye Network:

  • Internal and External Dynamics of Political Repression
  • Relationship between Militarism, Imperialism, & Covert Action (See Conterspy).
  • Government Surveillance and Disruption of Left
  • Use of Informers and Agents Provocateur
  • Networking of Federal, State, and Local Police
  • Relationships among Government Agencies, Corporate Spies, and Right-Wing Spies
  • Fascism & Neofascism and their relationship to Power Elites and the State
  • Symbiosis between Right-Wing Terror and State Terror
  • “Late Stage” Capitalism and Embrace of Fascism to Discipline Left Mobilization
  • Difference between Italian Fascism and German Nazism
  • Difference between Corporatism in Italy and Corporate Power in US
  • Dimitrov’s definition of Fascism versus social science analysis of Fascism being built around a mass movement
  • Can populism be right-wing?
  • Relationship of Populism to Fascism
  • The Rise of the New Right as a mass popular movement
  • Differences among Right-Wing Movements and Groups
  • Liberal scapegoating of “Rednecks” and White Working Class for Rise of the Right


The Public Eye Network is a group of progressive investigative reporters, licensed investigators, paralegal investigators, attorneys, and activists who share information about political repression and right-wing movements that undermine civil liberties and civil rights.

It was formed in 1978 from three pre-exisitng groups, the editors of the original Public Eye Magazine, the magazine sponsoring organization, the Repression Information Project, (RIP), and the Guild Investigative Group, (GIG).

The original editors of the Public Eye Magazine were Harvey Kahn and Mark Ryter. The magazine was a project of the Repression Information Project, staffed at the time by Russ Bellant, Susan Susan Gluss, Eda Gordon, Harvey Kahn, and Mark Ryter.

The Guild Investigative Group (GIG) was formed as an investigative arm of the National Lawyers Guild to research penetration of the Guild by government agents and right-wing spies. The original investigators were Sheila O'Donnell and Eda Gordon.[3][4]

Several members of the Public Eye Network went on to work with Political Research Associates, including Russ Bellant, Chip Berlet, and Sheila O'Donnell.



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The Public Eye Magazine is currently published by Political Research Associates in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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